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Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: 

3D and Surface Reconstruction

Learning and assessment based on virtual reality approaches

3D imaging

Machine architectures/engines for graphics and VR

Adaptive and Clustering Algorithms

Machine learning technologies for vision

Adaptive Filters

Machine learning, Computer Graphics, Biological Vision

Adaptive Signal Processing

Medical image processing

Applications in Telecommunications

Mobile Signal Processing

Applied Digital Signal Processing

Modeling of natural scenes and phenomena

Array Signal Processing

Modeling techniques

Audio, Image, Video processing

Motion Detection

Case studies

Multi-channel Filtering

Case studies and emerging technologies

Multidimensional Signal Processing

Classification and clustering techniques


Coding and Transmission

Multimedia analysis and Internet

Color and texture

Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence

Compression methods

Multimedia Applications

Computational geometry

Multimedia Communication and Networking

Computer animation

Multimedia Content Understanding

Computer art and entertainment (including   games)

Multimedia Databases and File Systems

Computer Graphics and Visualization

Multimedia Human-Machine Interface and Interaction

Computer Vision

Multimedia Interface and Interaction

Content-based Image retrieval

Multimedia Security and Content Protection

Curves and meshes

Multimedia Signal Processing

Cyclo-stationary Signal Analysis

Multimedia Standards and Related Issues

Data Mining Techniques

Multimedia Systems and Applications

Detection and Estimation of Signal   Parameters

Multimedia Systems and Devices

Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

Multimodal display systems

Digital Signal Processing

Multiple Filtering and Filter Banks

Digital Signal Processing in   Communications

Neural Networks for Signal Processing

Discrete Cosine Transforms

Noise Control

Discrete Hilbert Transforms

Nonlinear Signals and Systems

Document analysis

Object recognition

Education and Training

Operating System Mechanisms for Multimedia

e-Learning applications and computer   graphics

Optical Signal Processing

Emerging display technologies

Pattern recognition and analysis

Emerging Technologies

Radar Image Processing

Emerging Technologies in Digital Signal   Processing

Real Time Signal Processing

Face Recognition

Real-time collision detection algorithms

Face recognition, face detection, and   gesture recognition

Real-time rendering for VR

Fast Algorithms

Rendering methods

Fast Fourier Transforms

Shadows, translucency and visibility

Filter Design

Signal and Image Processing

Filter Design and Structures

Signal and speech processing

FIR Filters

Signal Identification

Fractal geometry and applications

Signal Noise Control

Fuzzy Logic Applications in Signal   Processing

Signal Reconstruction

Graph theory in image processing and   vision

Simulation and virtual reality

Graphics algorithms and applications

Software tools for computer graphics

Haptic devices and techniques

Software tools for virtual reality

Higher Order Statistical Analysis

Sonar Image Processing

Human-computer interfaces

Sound rendering technologies

IIR Filters

Spectral Analysis

Illumination and reflection techniques

Statistical Signal Processing

Image & Signal Processing   Applications

Storage and Retrieval

Image acquisition

Super-resolution imaging

Image Acquisition and Display

Surface modeling

Image and Video Processing & Analysis

Time-Frequency Signal Analysis

Image coding and compression

Video Signal Processing

Image compression, coding, and encryption

Virtual and augmented reality

Image data structures for computer   graphics

Virtual environments

Image feature extraction

Virtual humans and artificial life

Image Formation

Virtual laboratories

Image generation, acquisition, and   processing

Virtual Reality and 3-D Imaging

Image geometry and multi-view geometry

Virtual reality and emerging applications

Image processing

Virtual reality software tools and languages

Image Scanning, Display, and Printing

Virtual reality techniques for behavioral and cognitive assessment

Image-based modeling and algorithms

Virtual reality, visualization, and education

Immersive virtual reality

Visual computing and graphics

Industrial Applications


Integration of virtual reality and   multimedia


Interactive digital media

Wavelet Transforms

Interactive techniques

Wireless, Mobile Computing and Multimedia

Knowledge-based recognition